I-d magazine 1994 Lois
photo by Dana Lixenberg styling by Andrew Dosunmu

look up wrinkled skin


tell me how long it takes you to find a black person on there. least amount of scrolls and fastest time both get a prize.

31 August, 2014

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Riley Montana for Vogue



it’s also very important to recognize patterns of emotional abuse. apologies and resentment of actions and self pity are common ways to manipulate you into forgiving them and helping them assume power in a situation again. it’s extremely hard to let go of someone you love but people like that don’t truly love you, they love the control. protect, love and care for yourself.

31 August, 2014


if I want to send naked photos of myself to someone I trust because I am confident and happy with my body then so be it! by sending them those photos I am not automatically asking them to leak them all over the internet. don’t fucking victim blame if you’re gonna be mad be mad at the complete cesspool of scum that leaked them

31 August, 2014

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Beard and Flowers

As requested by…well, pretty much everyone

Love the whole flower in beards thing


I hate that POC constantly have to reassure white folk that we “hate white supremacy, not white people!” Like, fuck that, so WHAT if I hate white people? Plenty of mother fuckers hate me for no other reason than I exist in a Black body so miss me with the bullshit. We shouldn’t have to make white people feel comfortable when they’re gunning us down daily.

31 August, 2014

Al Capone, pushing away a camera.


Since some idiot uploaded the song here’s the HQ version

31 August, 2014



facetiming bae like

Wow this nigga is cute